Running program


CT Let's Go emphasizes the importance of educating the mind, body, and soul.  The child will learn proper body dynamics, breathing techniques, and speed and agility. This is for runners of all levels. After training, you will have the opportunity to showcase your growth in our own races that support the community and enter in USATF in the Spring.  


Let' Read, Talk And Interpret!!!

Let's Take Notes!


We will read selected pieces and compare it to modern day times. 

Free gifts, music, contests, games and children's workshop!!!

 Interested in volunteering or being a vendor please  email or call us.

Scholarship Contest

"A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes

read the poem and give us your interpretation! Art, music or written interpretation.

Open to any area youth! If interested contact us via email at 




Let's Change

 Do you see issues in your community that you want to change? Do you want to take a stance on an ethical cause in your community? One voice becomes two, two become three and more! Let's make a change together! Every Saturday 10am-12pm at WOW/NRZ. 




Let's Make Cents/Sense! Career pathways workshop!



Being a good athlete is only the beginning. Let's make sure you are on the correct educational path for your chosen career. We will aid the youth in college readiness. Graduating high school is the easiest part, being financially ready and knowing what schools offer the best program for you as an individual is the harder part. 

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Let's Eat! Let's Chef It Up!


Teaching the youth about healthy eating while introducing them to basic cooking skills. The program is offered every other Thursday at WOW/NRZ 6pm-7:30pm. 

The definition

of an educated Youth.

Let's Read, Talk & Interpret

Let's Read is a reading series that encourages our youth to read, relate and show us their perception of the writings through art, music or essay. Teaching the youth the importance of reading literature because it is a huge representation of our history. 



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