Let's Go Youth United  strives to empower the youth of tomorrow by making sure to be a guiding force through teaching social awareness skills. We pair these skills with teaching mental health awareness. A huge part of our mission is teaching conflict resolution skills to ensure our members are not only in a safe environment but the reason there is a safe environment.

On the Horizon

John Guaman 

Let’s Go Youth United is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with John Guaman! As the saying goes “Not all heroes wear capes”. Guaman is a young entrepreneur from the Danbury, Bethel, Connecticut area. As an affiliate of  Life By Design Entrepreneurial group, Guaman inspires individuals like you and I. Guaman’s main focus is enriching his community with the tools and knowledge needed to obtain and remain free from some of life’s heaviest burdens, with an emphasis on financial burden. 


As the new year approaches we look forward to offering all of our members an opportunity to take advantage of this partnership!

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